miércoles, 16 de junio de 2021

Cute Heels - Metal Disco V MAXIM RECORDS 001 SPAIN - SEVILLA 202I

Metal Disco V is the forthcoming Vinyl Record signed by the new based Spanish record label Maxim Records.

Expeccted for stores and distributors after the summer in the EU therefore worldwide.

Inclu. remixes by the ebm, industrial techno French music producer Millimetric and the Mexico synth man machine Geistech.


Cute Heels - Metal Disco V Maxim Records 001 Spain prelistening-preview 202I 

martes, 8 de junio de 2021

Karl Rotciv - Numerikals

Karl Rotciv is the artist moniker of Victor M Lenis started in Berlin - Germany as a new project evolve in rack substractive,white noise techno and electronics; dark and finest high standard stylish in future present methods in its production.

In its definition it clears quantitative soundscapes for empty spaces which is the alter of vertigo, pleasure and conclusion which is the concept face of the nowdays club electronics and aesthetics standed by decades of comprenhension and evolution therefore modeling and shaping future cultures for humans and post humans in advanced arts.

Numerikal is a 6 track album produced and composed with substract synthesis and white noise giving with an honorable tribute to the world class techno designed for clubs and warehouses.

Art Cover By

Victor M Lenis R

Cute Heels - Symbols CD Album Diffuse Reality Records ( Spain )


Format: CD
Artwork:Natalia Volkova
All CD orders include two Diffuse Reality stickers and digital downloads of the full release.


Cute Heels - Ich Nicht Er Du ( Video Clip )


Cute Heels  - Ich Nicht Er Du   ( Video Clip )

Produced and recorded by Victor M Lenis R

Track produced and componed by Victor M Lenis R In New York US







Silence Complot - Capital And Chaos


Silence Complot is 4 ep music and image art work consecutive from the( Silence Complot ) single track produced in 2011 and included in the Dave Clarke s Fabric London # 60 which had succesfully club and electronic audience response worldwide and overseas remarking the track in charts and notable higlighted magazines.

Silence Complot nowdays is presented as a solo artist project musically and conceptually arty industrial last generation where 80s and 90s memorable nostalgia reflects the great decades of post contemporary and club life style.

Capital And chaos is the tittle for this 7 inches ep with 4 cuts : Capital And Chaos, Hypcrite Bastard ( Money Prayer ), Law For Nothing and Heat And Steel. 

"An artist personal perception experience into socio neo dystopia and a submerged society in reconstuction avoiding several status in progress, conflict, war, solution and conclusion. States of humanism and a brightly dark background which defines a post noise sound work."

Produced, composed and recorded in Bogota by Victor M Lenis R

Art Cover By 
Victor M Lenis R

Bogota  Colombia

Illumine Concrete Remixes ( Poligamy Boys )

LATEST RELEASES : Cute Heels, Silence Complot, Mode Citizen, Disturbed Nation. Omni Disc, Black Leather Records , Schrondiger s Box

Latest releases with different solo  projects produced in the different aereas around the world .

A certain conceptual experiences in electronic music going through experimental, techno, industrial and club Productions and remixes.

Omni Disc - Miami US

Schrondiger s Box  - Edinburg 

Black Leather Records - Colombia, Germany

Soil Records - Spain

Atx Records - Bogota 


Cute Heels  - Kaos And Structure



Vinyl limited to 150 copies, Orders at :
Produced・Anshaw Black + Cute Heels
Mastering・Beau・Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Pressing Plant・Optimal Media・Germany
Art Direction・Muted Fawn
Worldwide Distribution・Ready Made・Berlin
Digital at :


Schrondiger s Box  -  Bordello A Parigi

Parallels EP

Dmitry Distant & Norwell / CuteHeels



Mamba Negra, Disturbed Nation, The Word And The Fact , Mode Citizen 









Ufo Researcher EP 


Rambal Cochet incl Cute Heels Remix 




Beyond The War EP

Schrödinger's Box